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So i was driving home and silver350tn texted to tell me something, this is the conversation, thought it was funny as hell and we concluded that i should put it up here.

silver: ricer boy traded for a civic lol
invisible: what? no way. the spec v?
silver: no the red 240
invisible: what model civic?
silver: its that one on tennspeed with ebay turbo kit and crooked intercooler lol
invisible:Omfg. fucking really? that thing is beat. wow, just wow.
silver: lol
invisible: bet the kid that traded him is happier than a retard in a room full of kittens.
silver:lol lol
invisible: i seriously couldnt stop laughing while typing that
silver:lol i just shit myself i am dieing laughing
invisible: lmao. dudes a fucking joke. him and spec v kid would make great friends
silver:they should be lovers
invisible: i can see it, fooling around painting honda emblems on each other with motor oil
silver:eek:k wow lol
invisible: lmao, pretty gross huh? and i didnt even get to the part about the tire iron and the lug nuts. haha
silver: holy butt fuck batman, is there a gerbil involved?
invisible: no, but there is now. we have to post this shit in tennspeed.
silver:lets do it seriously? cause i will
invisible: k, go into the black hole then...
silver:they are going to be upset with us :( lol

just thought is was pretty funny. lol.

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yeah lol.. i was wondering... cause i had a red 240 but i traded it a long time ago.. and then i had the crooked front mount EG and traded for a 00 ek coupe? lol dont put me in it. i didnt do it. me no ricey
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