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I know there arent too many aspiring photographers in here, but this topic doesn't have to apply only to photographers as it was originally intended on another forum I frequent. The idea is to post up a few pictures of what a normal day of work is like for you. I wrote mine up with some basic info and a few photography tips, but that isn't always going to be necessary. It may be a bad idea, but I just thought I would try it and see if it catches on. So I will start...

Even though I just moved in last week, for the next few months, I will be waking up here. And no I am not conceited, I just needed something to hang on my wall and I had an excess of 13 x 19 paper. The right side of the room will soon be covered with posters from my fav photogs like Scott Chu, as Easton Chang, Scott Dukes, and Steve Demmitt.


With any shoot, if you have time, it is always good to run some light tests. You can see me on the very left fiddling around a bit. Me and my friend Andrew realized shortly after doing this test, that it may be better shooting the car in the other direction.


The highlight of any feature car shoot is of course the rig shots. I actually managed to take a lot more than normal as the light was just right and I was using all ambient. My boom was originally two 6ft aluminum poles with an additional larger diameter aluminum pole as a coupler. However, after I left it on the ground in the garage one evening and my dad ran over it, I have had to revise it to its current state to get it to the rigidity it once had. Please don't ask me for parts numbers or anything as I really dont know them


Good lighting relies a lot on good problem solving and you can't solve a problem if you don't know what you are dealing with. That being said, I chimp, and I chimp often.


I realized soon after that I was missing an opportunity to show off the roll cage in the shot of the spoiler and so I placed a bare strobe inside of the car to illuminate the interior.


One of the pains of dealing with studio lights is managing all the wires. I have on more than one occasion not left enough slack and yanked over a light on accident.


I think most of you have seen me use this technique before, but foam core is awesome. Go buy some. Here I am using it to bring out the letters on the chrome Kaminari badge.


Eh dont look up my shorts, but here I was trying to get a picture of the exhaust. Once again using the foam core...


I couldnt get the results I was looking for in the last shot, so I did a little bit of problem solving and tried something different...taking the softbox and light off its stand.


I dont have anymore to show, so I guess I can show you what one of the pictures looked like.


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There are quite a few aspiring photogs. on here. Some are just for a hobby like me but very good thread.

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dsc4130 said:
ramman434 said:
I agree w/ Gay Bee. More pics of the FD now!
FD? the gods of nissan will strike you down now.........any minute i swear
Wow called out. What is wrong with you ranmman? Give me your 240 now.
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