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A little earlier than expected

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Well... the time has come for me to come back home for a short time, on midtour R&R leave. I didn't think I was coming home until the later part of the month, torwards Christmas and New Years... But I leave Early Friday morning, KSA (Kuwaiti) time, and I should be home this Monday or Tuesday. I'll put it out one more time...

I wanna get together with you guys from the site... to put faces with names, and likewise for you to me... I'll buy you guys all a round of drinks or a tank of gas or SOMETHING to make it worth the trip... even if we all just get one big TennSpeed cruise/GTG together.... SOMETHING.

It will be the last chance I have to do this for about a year. So if you guys wanna meet up somewhere here in the next few weeks... let me know by posting here... I'd like to meet all of you that wanna get together and have a meet or whatever...

Nate (85rx-7gsl-se) and I are (hopefully) probably going to try to get something together for the Western part of the state people that would be interested in getting together down on Beale St or something... or figuring something out (Guitar Hero party, get together/Bar-B-Que at someones house... etc etc.

Let me know guys... I wanna see some of you while I am home on leave.
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Woot woot... Glad your coming back man :thumbup:
Yeah man, be great to finally meet. Like I said in your drag thread, strip is running on the 13th, last day of the year. Thinkin about taken the 7 out :D
Yeah, if u have never been to that strip, its pretty nice.
Don't they run NHRA, IHRA, or NMRA (National Mustang Racing Assoc) at that track? Memphis Motorsports Park?
Yeah thats the one :thumbup: About 20 minutes from my apartment :cool:
Too far... lol, but I may bring it back after christmas.
No just being semi-broke money wise...Plus 18mpg highway means I drive the other 7 back when I do come or just bring my GF's Camry.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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