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Again? seriously?

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Yeah, I got broken into again.. twice in one week. My insurance company didn't come and fix my window friday like they said they would, so what happens? Someone reaches through the broken window and unlocks the door and takes my cd player and about 50 cds. This is like the best week of school ever...
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same person gauranteed
Thats what I'm thinking, but I can't do anything about it. I live two hours from home so its not like I can park anywhere else.
Step 1: Take a few days off.
Step 2: Put more valuables in car.
Step 3: Get a nice blunt object...ie baseball bat, lead pipe, etc.
Step 4: Watch your car.
Step 5: Beat the shit out of whoever is doing that.

Then have cake.
flatwhitecrx said:
Thats what I'm thinking, but I can't do anything about it. I live two hours from home so its not like I can park anywhere else.
live 2 hours from home? that doesnt make sens is it gettin broke into at school
Yes, I live on campus. But there is this really sketchy neighborhood near so I'm sure they are from that neighborhood.
sketchy huh?? so what u mean is a neighborhood full of minorities haha j/k but seriously
Haha, I dunno but I've heard its one of the poorest neighborhoods around. So I don't know.
i second phoenix's idea
buy an alarm system

report it to the school, demand to park elsewhere if your property is not safe
nismojunkie said:
Trunk monkey FTW.
Report it to the school. Wow. That will do a lot.
it would unless its some shitty school with no administration, but idk where he goes
The question is where is he in school? That will def. answer a few things
ut chatt i believe. sorry to hear about that man. you should put some motion sensitive porch lights inside your car or something with a video camera. that way when the minority suspect approaches, BLAM, he doesnt blend in with the night anymore and you can beat his ass!
goddamn man do you live in the damn ghetto? where do you go to school? my idea is
1. dig a big hole
2. wait by your car with the shovel you dug the hole with
3. hit them in the head with this shovel
4. bury them in the hole you dug earlier
5. turn into a vigilante and rid ur ghetto ass area of all theives by repeating the plan I have just told you. :mrgreen:
No, I go to Lee University in Cleveland. Its a private christian college.

when it comes to theives i'll tell you the hour for them is 3:00-4:00 in the morning, you can't do much about it except set your alarm for 3:00 and watch till 4:30 if you see ANYBODY out call the police and report it. Or, you could shoot them with a tranq dart, duck tape em to a chair and deal with them resevoir dogs style.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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