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Alabama Event

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After telling a friend of mine on here, 4x4le, about an event that we are having here in Huntsville, AL, he threw the idea out for me to post it up on here since you guys are pretty close to us.

So for those of you interested, here's some info.
ACC/TC is holding this event. This info is also located at the site, http://www.alabamacustomcarandtruckclub.com/drifttheville2008.htm

Next event: Saturday, October 18th

Location: Huntsville Speedway, if you need directions just type it in on Google Map and it should get you right to it.

Price: $30 Participant fee, $20 pit pass (as opposed to sitting in the stands), $10 Admission, Kids 5 under- Free

Time: Gates open at 3pm, drifting starts at 5pm, and ends around 8-9pm. There will be overhead lights on during nighttime.

Requirements: Helmet is the only requirement, but obviously make sure your battery won't go flying around, along with anything else in your car

Track setup: Usually varies, but to give a fairly accurate description is the "and" symbol, like this --> & (*I have video of the practice track, which will likely be what it looks like, if ya'll are interested) Also, at the end of the event, before it's closed, you have a freestyle session where each can do as they want how they want.

Prize money: Depends on amount of people that show up. It's nonprofit, so the more people that show, the more the prize money is. Here's how it was last time, IIRC, 1st-$100, 2nd-50 and 3rd-$30 (pays for your admission in other words) BUT, if, somehow, like 30 people show, then who knows, it could add up to like 300-500 bucks for 1st. Judging will be done by 3 non-affiliated officials, and also crowd participance I think.

Additional Info: They setup a course in the inner part of the track, or you can drift the oval track. Alright, I will be straight forward with all of you, it's nothing AMAZING right now. The amount of space is slightly small, and so is the track, but for the amount you pay to enter, and the amount you COULD win, plus the fun it would be, is worth it IMO

Also, you can buy tires there for $5 each, and get them mounted for free at the machine there. Usually they only bring 15's and 16's, but if you bring your own tires, it's still free mounting.

As I stated, the course isn't amazing. I went to the Nashville "We Ain't Finished" drift event in August. That was awesome, and the track was bigger than this one. But it was expensive to enter and whatnot. Pretty much the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And since this is a cheaper event, you can't expect it to be like Nashville. It will be fun, and we are trying to get more popular and more people to attend so we can get further.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE let me know if you are coming. I am not use to checking this forum, however I will try. Otherwise, my email is [email protected]

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it and I will be sure to help you out.

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Hopefully Ill get the new diff installed today. It should be here any time. Pulling the other one right now. If everything goes good Ill be down there!!!!!
sounds good.
were you ever on hsvdrifting forums? or do you know a black guy named travis who used to have a black coupe with a sr in it?
civilized_drifter said:
sounds good.
were you ever on hsvdrifting forums? or do you know a black guy named travis who used to have a black coupe with a sr in it?
Both, actually. We have another HSV drifting forum up, with a different owner, but all the OG members are there


My old sn from there was s13twofawty, but now it's s13Addict
Ok well I got the diff installed finially and it seems to drive fine. Time to break it in tomorrow. If nothing throws a red flag I should be able to participate next weekend. Looking forward to it!!!!
Awesome man. We're excited to have you down here. Are anyone that went to the Nashville drift comp. on this forum?

Like any of these guys:

Just wondering if they were local...
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this is my old club for anyone that wants to know...dont know much bout the drifting scene since its started lately at the track or the underground scene either.
I hope yoshi comes. I dont know anyone in those pics I dont believe but I hope to run into the guy in the yellow s13 again. I want to ask him more about his custom ebrake setup. That thing is slick.
lsd mmmm.. wish i had a car ready for this.
I may not be able to go. I have to pick up an ignitor chip tomorrow and see if it gets me going.
i would go but i've got the cordele private day on the 19th so im going to have to miss this one.. if u keep us updated on here about events then im sure i'll make it to all of them i can...
Alright man, will do.
Do y'all know of anoyone else that can make it locally?
i know locals that will come if we know in advance.. hell i may tried to come up with more tires so i could drift saturday there.. and cordele sunday.. but goodluck with the event.. whats the track layout going to look like...
Right now, I don't have a vid or pics of the new layout, but it looks a lot like the "and" symbol ---> &

But, like I said, it's not that amazing of a place. Not that big of a course, but it's all we have as of now, and it's got a good amount of people coming so I guess it's not that bad.
civilized_drifter said:
sounds good.
were you ever on hsvdrifting forums? or do you know a black guy named travis who used to have a black coupe with a sr in it?

i know travis, he is a great guy.

he now has a lightning that runs in the 7s in the 1/8mi. and a b16 del sol he picked up to beat on.
Wow I missed this lol. Anyhow I was at the Nashville event. Someone even gave me a flyer at IA. I won't be able to make this one or any event any time soon due to money/tire/part issues. I will try to make it out to a few next season. I am going to try to travel more over all next season.

the money and part issues I cant help you with, I need money and parts as well but I got some tires if you were down to go.
my lca bushings are just about gone. I am wanting to get new ones from pdm racing that have ball joints and urethane bushings already pressed in. I want to take those and box them in and cut the bump stops and make my own so I can get a little more angle. That and I need to get a few things taken care of w/ the cressida to get it running again. So I'm just a bit short on money and time as well. I need to know about two weeks ahead of time so I can ask off of work.
might have to come check this shizz out..
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