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And you thought you were in the negative...

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So one of my best friend's female friend, who banks with First Tennessee, had one hell of a morning. So she went to Sonic's to grab sometihng to eat and her card was declined. Then she called to check her balance...and i kid you not...the automated operator stated her balance was in the negative 9 million dollars. LOL! I am sorry for being mean and laughing but that shit is wild! Anyway, she hung up thinking it was a automated error and called back and yes, it stated she was in the negative around 9 million dollars.

I laugh about it cuz i can imagine myself hearing something like that and spontaneously shit on myself so hard i would go into a coma.

As for now i believe she is at the bank now trying to get the shit str8.

A situation ''fuck up'' like this is few and far between the normal bank errors.

This got me thinking what the worst that has happened to you regarding banks errors or identity theft?
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that's fucking insane
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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