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Another noob

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Name: Brian

Location: La Vergen

What brought you here: dumb luck?

What do you drive: I have a 2008 silverado, 05 magnum, two 88 mustang lx's (both 5.0 5speeds one stock , one turbocharged), and a 95 240sx se

Other hobbies: Car audio

Just figured I would introduce myself to the other members here. As you can see I like all brands of cars but do have a soft spot for foxbodys. I am in the army and currently deployed to iraq, at least I have plenty of projects when I get home.
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Welcome man, and good luck overseas
Welcome to the site. Good to have you here.
Welcome to another 'Stang guy... and a fellow service member. I will be headed over your way here in a few weeks time.
hey there !

Welcome- nice stable of horses you're rockin'- bet you're missing those rides!

welcome. good luck over there

and wow. a gm, chrysler, and two fords....and then a nissan to add to the mess. lol. that must be fun. haha
welcome good sir :thumbup:
WElcome to the site
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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