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Any one watching this? Sons of Anarchy

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Just seeing if there are any fans of my new favorite show.....Its quite possible the best man show i've ever seen...whats your thoughts?

FX Wednesday at 9pm central
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thought it looked pretty good but havent got around to watching it yet
Ive watched all 3 episodes so far. And i think its a damn good show. I though i had missed it last night though i got home at almost 10 but it didnt start til 10 last night thank god!
yeah i love this show as well i will be down for the whole season. I just love the no mercy tactics and the fact that all the actors/actresses are all really good and i havent seen any cheesy acting. Im also diggin the badassness of the women. AGGRESSIVE WOMEN ARE HAWT.... to a point
Say this show will win all the awards this year. I'm really digging Fringe, and Jacked also.
Yeah from what I have seen its a good show
Yeah i missed the second episode but i caught it later, but the third show was amazing, when the dude gets his nutts chopped off.......sad face..
good show,but that kid talk like he out of the hood,no like no biker i no
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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