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anyone goin to union hill tonight?

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just wonderin im about to head up there brackets start at 8:30
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Amir is with the skyline

call him

615 668 0759
i would love to go but it looks as if the wifey is makin me stay home
ShortGame24NWH said:
is he gonna run it
I dono maybe? call him
well get her to go too i am gettin my girl to go tryin to get her into the whole car thing she is complaining cuz im always tlkain about um or doin something with um so i am gonna show her wut all the hype is about haha
i also have three small children
and they would love it lol well have fun with the family and amir isnt goin now he said he got caught up at work
what work
i dont even know wut he does he just texted me and said he got caught up at work
well im headin out if anyone decides to go hit me up 615-351-7546
I got the loaded answer " You are a grown man make your own decision "
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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