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Anyone wanna let me borrow a lens?

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I know this is a long shot but the worst I can get is a no which by not asking I'm alrdy getting.

So, My friend needs a photoshoot, the pics will be turned into Flyers and will be for a show.
He's a rap group and something about Sony records looking into signing him or something.

Pretty much, Sunday I need to find a place to shoot him in a few different sets of clothing and
My pics will be used in the flyers for this show in a month. they will also be displayed at this show.(in columbia mall)

I guess its helping get my name out. :shrugs: I don't think im good but hey why not right? lol

So Im trying to get my friends 50mm 2.8 since this will be a portrait shot and All I have
is a Rebel Xti with it lens

I'm 40min south of nashville, but I could prolly drive to franklin.

I 100% understand I only have a 1% chance of someone letting me but worth a shot.

I also need idea, because this will be my first portrait and Im thinking I need to find a industrial area for the pics.

lol im fuked!
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eh Im not expecting anything.

lol Wish me luck tho!
Mine is dirty and one of them broke. So really none of mine
will work :(
I would but all my stuff is NIKON
You should be just fine with the kit lens and the nifty fifty. Seriously. 50mm prime lens is as sharp as its going to get.
Cool, Hope I can get it.

So I think I have a couple ideas of where I'll be shooting. If I can pull some strings. We'll see.

But im thinking indoor
Im also going to try and find an outdoor spot so I have a mix of areas.

:scared: wish me luck.
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