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Are we there yet?

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when is this site going to be back to normal? There still is no meets section and Im sure there are allot of other things missing. it really just dont look the same to me yet. Is it going to stay like this or is it getting worked out?
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Be patient I know it frustrating
James has had a lot on his plate lately...just chill.
taken right off the front page...
[b said:
Ventolin[/b]]If you notice a serious issue, then please PM me. If its just minor things - your thread is gone, you can't find a section we used to have, etc.. just give me a bit and I'll take care of it.
4x4le said:
spoolie is the new owner. Tell him to fix it n0w
dont listen to his lies
haha, was that bullshit? I figured it could go both ways but Ill give him props for pulling that one over on us if its a lie because I know allot of people really believed this.

edit, and I wouldnt be so ancy if I knew it was all still up to james. I was just trying to bust spoolies gray haired balls.
if spoolie is posting ... its a lie :D
well there need to be more specific threads.. like nissan honda toyota for dodge... etc. i think it would make finding posts and searching easier.
There'd be one hundred different sections. There'd be a section full of dumbassness for each Honda and Nissan group, a Toyota thread with nobody but Lenny in it and 2JZ nuthuggers, and we'd have to create some kind of mixed hybrid section for whatever it is Adler is building.
juss nissan and honda should be seperate. too many in both that could be broke down..lol then it could give mods something else to look for.. wrong thread postin.
y? from what i see no one even post in the tech part that much? if some one does they get bashed on for what they have. what would be the point in having more than that? theres not enough people on here to make the forum like that.
There's no need for a "brand" section, lol.
I'm willing to wait it out on whatever they have in store for us...
a Toyota thread with nobody but Lenny in it and 2JZ nuthuggers
Motion to vote for approval.
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