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baconator monster?

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8 slices of bacon
2 1/2lbs patty's

holy shit man...

hardee's monster...8 bucks and you get this+the meal.

i have not ate it..tomorrow i am going to try..looks good tho.
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clogged arteries? but it does look though... wish it wasnt 1 in the morning or i might go get one! :wink:
Isn't that an exact replica of spoolie's hoodburger?
fuck idk..

but...tomorrow at 1pm..

im gonna be eating me a heart attack on buns
I just might try one of these as well.....
i think ive had one before all hardee's burgers taste the same though
i love em there fuckin delicious, i think they're about 1500 calories iirc
can we be real for a minute?
hardees is gods way of saying...
well, gods way of saying he is up there.

only in america can you get a burger as big as your head and enough calories to last you all day

but its too damn good to pass up
(personally i like the sourdough samich)
SiRWagg said:
Isn't that an exact replica of spoolie's hoodburger?
Yeah dude... that's the exact layout of spoolies hoodburger.

SPOOLIE!!!!! Go sue Hardees.
my burger from sonic was way bigger than that.
Thats a couples mean, buy one for both of yall!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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