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barbecue chicken and bacon pizza from Papa John's

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deserves it's own thread




thick crust
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Brad, trust me, it's amazing....w/beer

Something diff than Sam Adams...Coors?
Silly kid, Coors is ok and all, but get a real lager for once and you'll understand...
I have, it is 2 thick and does not taste very good. I like Coors much better, only tasted them....

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ROFL at those pictures Josh...buy me this pizza and send it to my dorm. I swear it won't be a high delivery price :grin:

And Josh...I've moved on from Coors...more info later :cool:
Freakin delicious

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you're still failing kid. And there's no such thing as someone not liking Sam Adam's. You really are gay
Btw, I rank Modelo Just above above Dos Equis which absolutely sucks
Modelo was good...in Mexico lawl.

Well shoot if I wanna get drunk just gotta drink some Natty
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