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Not my car, nor money. Not sure how much he has in it. He is sponsored by me so he got a nice discount on the trans. I will not say what he paid for it, but it is $650 less than $1,720 as he is not using an MFactory diff. Not everyone is concerned about being the fastest. Some just want to be fast with the engine and induction of their choice.

Last season on a stock Z6 trans he was pulling 1.7 60's. Taller slicks this season hurt him so he is getting new slicks. Better 60', better gearing, and more power will have him at 12.5's. His best time last season was 13.51 at 98.1 mph w/ 1.74 60'. His current slicks aren't letting the improvements this season help him much.
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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