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Blow-Off Valve questions

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alright guys as most nknow i have a turbo eg coupe. Its my first turbo car so be gentle lol...
pretty sure its an XS power BOV.
and i never really hear it. if i do i have to be at high RPMs? is that how it is supposed to be?
Do i need to hook it to a certain vaccum line?
or is it just a shitty BOV and i need better..

like i said im new to the turbo game and dont know much.
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Jose-Aka-Pedro said:
Maybe its different with that bov but Am I the
only one that has noticed it looks like the valve on that bov is stuck open....?

Or is it the way it's suppose to look.

I ask because my Greddy doesnt stay open like that....

EDIT: I noticed it's the same in the pic spoolie posted.
So I guess its suppose to be like that.

And yes, Spoolie has spoken, do as he says then come back
Different Valve types.

Hey, nick, I'll cut you a deal and sell you mine, yours is trashed.
umcool911ok said:
Did someone try spray painting it?
No it looks like its been abused and they sanded on and flatted.
venom_5 said:
just get an HKS and install it right :D
HKS Nutswinging ftl.
boosted ??? said:
Rajin said:
venom_5 said:
just get an HKS and install it right :D
HKS Nutswinging ftl.
best performing blow off valve for the longest time. now has competition w/ synchronic bov
I have a HKS BOV
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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