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Blow-Off Valve questions

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alright guys as most nknow i have a turbo eg coupe. Its my first turbo car so be gentle lol...
pretty sure its an XS power BOV.
and i never really hear it. if i do i have to be at high RPMs? is that how it is supposed to be?
Do i need to hook it to a certain vaccum line?
or is it just a shitty BOV and i need better..

like i said im new to the turbo game and dont know much.
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make sure the vacuum line goes directly to a strong source.
screw the top half of the bov counter clockwise till it comes apart, take all the washers out and replace the spring back into the body.
screw the unit back together, and only turn 1-2 times.

adjust from there...if its too tight, you will have surge/flutter.
clockwise to tighten spring

you need one of these for a good vacuum signal.

this is the part that you turn...
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take it off the pipe...make sure the o-ring in the bottom of the body is good...the top screws off like the pic i posted...do what i tell you first.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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