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Body work please!

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Daniel Harrington
2000 Integra
Nolensville TN
PM me or post in here

So tonight i backed into my girlfriends dad's car... dumbass i know

However i have a couple scrapes on my right corner of my right rear bumper

also there is a 2 inch crack in my right rear valence (fiberglass)

basically I just need someone to fiberglass the crack, sand it down and shoot some paint in the right rear

Any help is greatly appreciated :thumbup:
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one bump i'll check in the morning

thanks guys! :thumbup:
i can do work wit fiberglass and bondo just cant paint, dave hit me up so i can learn!
thanks man.. my dad is pretty good with fiberglass...but id like to find someone who could do the whole thing including paint

if i cant find someone to do it all i may just prep it here and then find someone to paint that back section and blend it

preciate it :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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