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i need some bumper paint and fender and rear quarter panel rust removal..lol then respray
most body shops charge between 70-100 bucks an hour- painters and body men don't make the same rate where i work- i think it's 70 for the painter= 80 for bodyman.

gotta blend color, where ever the qrt/fndr are painted- go a few inches on the next panel with the color to make it all look the same -then clear the entire area. what color?-color is a huge factor in paying for supplies- some metalic/or heavy pearl paints are outrageous-and hard to match (that's what the blend is for)

you will definately get what you pay for on the supplies. and if you cheap out on the painter/labor- you'll be payin someone else to buff it (buffing new paint to make it slick includes sanding surface with fine sandpaper on the da, buffing with one type of compound, then another, washing and then polishing painted area)

my $.02- goin by what i've heard about his work, i'd say try country dave. i don't write estimates- but i read every work order so i know what to check for buffing. even with the sketchy details on this job, i believe this would about 1k to 1500 dollar estimate where i work. could be wrong-
if someone who's GOOD does it for the low low to help ya out.... remember you're probably gettin a huge deal/favor!! kharma.
good luck friend.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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