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borg warner turbocharger fs

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for all your high end dominance needs..........
i just got a hold to a brand new 1xx turbo, i haven't run the numbers yet but this thing is gigantic. it is off of a mack mp11 engine. so it is good for up to at least 1200 ft lbs. it has an electrical wastegate but is removable i was going to put it on my camaro but it's way past what i need. i will continue to try and post pictures of the charger. it's close to the largest turbo i have ever seen. i am selling it brand new never used/ mounted. it would be perfect for one of you guys that are running a 12v cummins or matbe even a big block v8.

price: i am excepting offers by pm. i am asking 2,000.00 for a 4,000.00 dollar turbo
excepting trade offers as well


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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