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Well, I currently drive a B16 swapped 96 Civic CX Hatchback as my DD. It's quick and fun but stop and think about this. Civics are frickin tin cans on wheels. I'm lookin into an Accord myself for safety/comfort/cop related reasons. MY car ain't very safe (no airbags and only wieghs 2200lb), has absolutely not creature comforts outside a radio/CD Player and the motor gives me a lead foot which got me pulled over recently (no ticket though). I'm trying to get an Accord EX as a daily driver so I won't be as tempted to floor it and so I will have cruise control and power windows. NOW, when I get to the point where I can afford 2 cars at once and have the time/money to work on a project car, then I'll be right back into B or K series powered hatchbacks. For now though, I need a comfy DD that can get decent gas mileage and have cruise so when I get a job that requires me to drive 45 minutes to and then another 45 back home, I won't have to use that cinder block any more :mrgreen: . Plus my car is louder than hell on the interstate cause 4000 RPMs + straight through muffler on a hatchback = interior noise out the ass.

Personally for cartin you and your little girl around, I'd be leanin towards an Accord. More space for whatever.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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