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breakin it out.....

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this lovely has been livin underneath our living room for 5 years.. before that, she had her own pole barn .... she gets started, pulled out to wash/wax, taken down the rode to get it up to temp and blow the 'rats' out. then put back up- i joke about the FD running around the shop in a robe (car-cover) and doing nothing but listening to gossip in the shop.. after all- she is- a SHE.....
i've been sticking my laptop in the ole mans face every time i see another fd with a good thread behind it. pressure from me and age-finally -i got him to break it out and start driving it- he SAYS he's gonna make it his dd this next year......we'll see.

first things first- new shoes - the orig. tires are showing drycracks- went w/ falkens. 215/50 in the front- 245/50 in the rear. still rocking the orig. oems wheels- gave up on the wheel search after a year of 'mumbo jumbo' on the rotary forums- wheel/tire choices liked- that fit- are few, and the ones we like would require rollin the fenders- that's not happenin.........

when he got the first wheel off, he got distracted by the flowmaster muffler-decided he didn't like it- more $$ down the drain...

took it off and replaced it -spent most of the day messing around with the exhaust & replacing the muffler i think this one looks much better- haven't heard it yet.....

here's the orig. fd oem exhaust- it lives under another project.

took the intercooler/piping out, then the airbox/intake- i cleaned it all real good, but it wasnt' dirty..... just doing what i'm told for a change :roll:

of course- changed the oil- right now running the havoline per suggestions by mazda- thinking about replacing the tiny hp1008 oil filter with 3593a fram(honda accord filter)- per another suggestion -to get better oil flow- still researchin-suggestions????.

left her hangin last night. hope we get her back together today and rolling by tommorrow- we got a date! i hope it don't rain! she's never seen rain.........and won't.

Sally's (avatar) pretty jealous.
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fram and rotary are bad mixture
thats a clean as car man.... :thumbup: :thumbup:
decided to stick with the hp 1008 (k&n) to be safe.
a DD nooooooo
Nice Ann, but I don't think I could bring myself to run anything but a Racing Beat exhaust on it :D
Needs to make the run to the IA meet this weekend I think :) Very nice car Ann. I wish I had toys like that hiding under my house ;)
I remember my roomate in HS had one just like it...wow those were the days!! Nice ride, NO ON THE DD!!!
do your work, tune it up, drive it on one nice sunny day then put it back under the glass case where it belongs...
85rx-7gsl-se said:
Nice Ann, but I don't think I could bring myself to run anything but a Racing Beat exhaust on it :D
don't even know what kind that is, he had it stashed for something else- my "that muffler is ugly as hell(flowmaster)" got him thinkin- thought about it and he just did it. i'll look into the racing beat tho :thumbup:

Sally's our # 1 roller...
on being a dd- we only put 3200 on the eg last year- this car would get less- and still be stored next to the dirty ole GN on days it's not driven- cost of tags/insurance has made him puss out 5 years in a row- AUG 1 IS TAG DAY! he won't spring till the first day of the month. (tight ass.haha) sawnuoff from the other site's been callin him out for a year now................g1 awd trac hore vs. mint fd---- hmmmmmmmm

gettin ready to wash her..... more pics later.
spoolie said:
you never call anymore.....
arms better-off the tabs now................. no fun to talk sober :p
back together......

so fresh.........so clean..


its been a real good day :beer:
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all that time invested and you put cheap oil and filter on. Mobil1 and Mazda filter man, and don't give me the no synthetic in a rotary bit. Seen a 60k motor torn down that'd been running Mobil1 for years and it was clean as could be compared to the 3 other motors I've seen taken apart.
wow...that's gorgeous...

great work Annie!
thats clean as hell... wanna sell it?
Wow. Those tags expired a long time ago now that you mention tags ;)
fd vs 1g awd trac hor....its fucking on like donkey kong ann....
spoolie said:
fd vs 1g awd trac hor....its fucking on like donkey kong ann....
actually- they're gettin ready to launch.........brb w/pics!
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