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All car's 15$ a pull until midnight, Perfect 1/4 mile straight 1/8 mile away Nov22,if your car needs a tune our tuner German Valdez will be here
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Have you had anyone sign up yet? I would be interested in coming out and seeing where mine is at.
Sounds Good, I will be there what time does it start? Is it like a all day thing?
Do we get the dvd of our dyno run that day? also how many print outs do we get? Ex: 1 print out per pull or do you get a print out of your best run?
Yes you can get a dvd of your run or run's that day, our standard print out lists hp, tq and a/f on one sheet if you wish you can have a print out of each run.
Sounds Good! Def will be there, I think that there will be a few others coming along too.
1 - 4 of 117 Posts
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