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All car's 15$ a pull until midnight, Perfect 1/4 mile straight 1/8 mile away Nov22,if your car needs a tune our tuner German Valdez will be here
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Got your coors light. Bottles I am asuming or do we need to get a keg? lol My girlfriend don't wash cars but she can run this damn Dyno pretty good by herself.
My girlfriend don't wash cars
well i will have to hire a hott girl to wash it before i show up..
keg is the way to go..but bottles will do.
last i saw, german wasnt tuning his OWN cars...
Bingo, unless things have changed.

What EMS' does he tune?

P.S. - just givin' ya'll shit. I'd like to meet the kiddo that got on here from you all's place that can't type, can't speak, and namecalls (and told me that he'd *handle me* when he sees me in person). :ghey:
I dont need his phone # , I can talk to you since your his secretary and biggest fan.LOL

On a serious note, if you would , just post his progress with each car on here when the dyno day is done.

ie HondaCivicX before:XX after: XXX with Hondata/OpenECU/etc.

I think that would be helpful.
afterall , I wouldnt come into a local car forum , offer SKillZ , then not give the results.
That guy no longer lives in this area, moved to North Carolina a couple months ago.
Do we get the dvd of our dyno run that day? also how many print outs do we get? Ex: 1 print out per pull or do you get a print out of your best run?
Yes you can get a dvd of your run or run's that day, our standard print out lists hp, tq and a/f on one sheet if you wish you can have a print out of each run.
any pics of your dyno setup? wanna know how much id have to raise my front end....
Yes you can get a dvd of your run or run's that day, our standard print out lists hp, tq and a/f on one sheet if you wish you can have a print out of each run.
Sounds Good! Def will be there, I think that there will be a few others coming along too.
Good people, I can vouch for their customer service and claim that they will provide a print out... They really did. haha.

I hopefully will show up to this, but probably will not dyno the car. I havent got my new clutch in yet or a new FPR to settle my fuel situations out yet... As soon as I do, I will be calling ya though. :)
we have a 15ft platform you drive up on that connects to the dyno so your car is level
Thank's LowOr, We try and make all our customers happy, but here lately we have had alot of haters, people who don't even know us, But you know they are just haters and that's all they will ever be! Is there any other dyno shop who will let you drive your own car? No-one can beat our price's, we understand times are hard for so many right now, so we don't try and make it any harder!
think i am going out of town then i will check the calendar would really like to get a dyno some time what are your normal rates???
signing up

Those of you planning to attending the C&C meet, I have decided to have a sign up sheet, and the payment option is cash only! Give us a call at 615-735-1140 anytime day or night also if you need to dyno at night time we have that option with app.
here is the pic you requested

i think you can clear this roller


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I'm sure you know German very well....but he doesn't have a Buick Grand National. He has a Mitsubishi Colt with a Buick Grand National motor in it. Are you positive that he tuned all his cars? I'm almost positive he didn't tune the SVO. I dont need his number to ask....i have it. And Mauricio is insane....seriously. I think i might show up just to snap some shots. And when the hell did smith county get a shop with a dyno? I lived there for 17 years and most people there wouldn't have even known what a dyno was. Graduated from gordonsville high.
i think you can clear this roller
This dynojet looks a ton less wider than all the other ones I have seen.
I guess its not a load type dyno either? For 15$ though, good deal
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