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Calling all generations of Celica's

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April Tail of the Dragon run

http://www.celicatech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37858&page=1&pp=25 (Sign up if your going)

After voting we have settled on the dates of April 17th through 19th for the Annual Celicatech Dragon Run.

For the uninitiated, The Dragon is a stretch of road that lies between Tennessee and North Carolina, it is known by many names, but it is officially known as US Highway 129. It is a marvelous stretch of road known to automotive enthusiasts the entire world over.

This is the 3rd year for this version of our meet, but it is the evolution of the Pigeon Forge meet, which was held for many years prior.

We have anticipated a very high turn-out this year, as we have people come in from all over the country. This is an open invitation to all Toyota Owners, and will be posted across several boards.

This will be my third year hosting it, and to be honest, it is the highlight of my year. I enjoy seeing me friends and making new ones.

Now, some of you might be asking, 'Why is it called the Dragon Run?' Well, let me explain.

We are car fanatics. And the reason we love cars, is that we love to drive them. So in a departure from typical meets, we plan this around driving. Driving through the Great Smokey Mountains and enjoying some beautiful sights and comradeship.

This year we intend to make several runs of the Dragon, and come down the Cherohala Skyway as well.

This is our intended route.

Mark your calender, take off work, get a babysitter, whatever.
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Awesome, that road is curvy as hell.
You have never heard of the Dragon?

It's like (one of) the most curvaceous road for how long it is in America. It's a fun drive... but one I have yet to make.

One day soon. :)
I've actually driven it.....on accident.....in an Ford Expedition. I got lost a few years back and ended up driving it until I got to North Carolina. It's scary as shit if you drive it at night in a vehicle prone to roll-overs. I'm really looking forward to driving in the day in a car that actually corners well, though. :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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