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Super Freq
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Jeepcom said:
LiveLife2ItsFullest said:
download it and mess around lol. thats my tutorial
Download what?
I have gimp, but I don't know what to do.
god i hated gimp...glad i got rid of that pos...

it's what i used to make this sig, and just doing that was long and tedious as all hell...

cs3's where it's at ;)

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I dont think there can be a very good tutorial for this. Every picture is edited differently. If you just want the basics look up how to use the curves tool in photoshop. Then maybe some sharpening.

Here are some tools that would be worth learning, and can be found on numerous tutorial websites for photoshop:

Layer Masks
Clone Stamp
Dodge Tool
Burn Tool
Image Sizing (very important to resize CORRECTLY before hosting/printing)
There are tons more...but these are some I use frequently.

oh and don't forget to calibrate your monitor.

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Ventolin said:
dornon13 said:
you can do the same with curves. once i started use curves I stopped using levels
I know, I usually start with levels and fine tune with a ctrl+m and bringing the whites and blacks proper.

it helps more too if you properly white balance your camera before shooting. this saves lots of time getting the whites white and the blacks black. We got a target recently and its helping save time on the post end enormously.
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