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Hey guys, so I was looking at a CanonPowerShot because I didn't want to use my
rebel xti all the time for everyday shots.
I might still get that but I still want a decent video camera for when I want
to record videos...

I have a Sony HandyCam but it's taking a shat on itself and giving the "re-insert tape"
alert and I have to bodyslam the camcorder and itll work again. No Idea how
long it's going to last.

So I was thinking of picking up a used Canon Camcorder and I found this used
Canon ES8600 HI8. It's not Digi Hi8 so its analog.

I was wanting to know if there is something I can buy in order
to transfer the tapes into digi onto my laptop for me to edit etc....
I payed like $30 once to have it done but I didn't have a choice since it was for a school
project, the 30min video ended up being 6Gigs and that was on the sony thats going out.

So I might be picking up this Canon ES8600 HI8 for $50 or Maybe $40.
It's got 22x optical and too much digi zoom so I'm not worried about that
i'm just wondering If I'll be able to convert it for use to edit etc....
I have Adobe Pro 2.0 video editing along with PhotoShop CS2 so i have the software
for editing...

just let me know if there is something I can buy in order to convert it myself...
And if its a decent deal I should pick up.

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