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carpet on a civic

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well my car needs carpet and the pad but it is hard to find hatches in j-yards so my question is "will a coupe carpet and pad work as well or are they different?"
if so this will be alot easier to come by and obtain
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oh yea this is a eg
i looked ther and 180+ is out of the budget for me but i know where two coupes are with black carpet just don't know if it will work or not
Pretty sure they are the same, if you want to look at a coupe carpet come over to the house. But I seem to remember that the coupe and hatch had the same part numbers for carpet. Where the carpet covers is the same area interior wise.
that's what i was thinking on it but just didn't know for sure... oh well found a hatch at the j-yard with black carpet
heres how you can find any question out about (is this part on X car the same on Y car)

1. go to www.hondapartsunlimited.com
2. open 2 tabs and search both vehicles parts.
3. if they are the same part number, then yes.

theres plenty of common parts that are interchangeable.

s2000 interior door handle garnish is the same as eg's
the b18 vtec oil pumps are the same as the non vtec oil pumps. the non vtec oil pumps just have a washer to reduce oil pressure.

if you do just a little bit of research, you can find the answer to many questions like these.
and yes. the coupe/hatch carpet is the same.
thanx man
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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