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And let the joy flow.
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I love loud rock and screaming as much as the next guy but i like to make out some lyrics.
Rajin said:
[email protected]_John said:

^ thats about as crucial as i get

Chimiara makes my head hurt.

You should possibly look into.
All That Remains

Much better bands.
Like the guitar on the first one a lot. And the second one I like the song :thumbup:
I definitely like Dance Gavin Dance im about to check out some of there other stuff. :thumbup: any other good ones like them :mrgreen:
boosted S14.5 said:
ABACABB is definitely the blood code for mortal kombat on sega genesis
hahahahahahah matt
I'll listen to anything lol. Wtf shotgun BOOM BITCH!
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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