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cheap/quickie paint thread..how good could it possibly look?

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So with IA Fall Meet next weekend, I decided to prep/body work/paint my car on a holy cheap budget just to see how good it could possibly turn out. Actually I decided this just yesterday at work, and started last night. Initial Budget: $250, including gun, paint, filler, sander, other materials. The car is my 1992 Nissan 240sx Coupe. Keep in mind that I am by no means a genius when it comes to paint/body work. I've painted twice before, always in a dimly lit garage, and this won't be any different. We started body work last night, Car will be painted this afternoon, buffed this week sometime. Post-paint pics probably tomorrow. Buffed pics this week. Check back for updates and see this car at the IA Fall Meet!

Before Pics:
As you can see, the car needed the paint. Red hood, satin fender, faded roof and trunk, etc...but overall the body was pretty straight, just 10 or 12 small spots that we worked out and glazed.

Materials List/Price List:

Gun Set - $58 (Wal-Mart)

Orbital Sander - $20 (Wal-Mart)
Nason Paint, 1 gallon, black, full urethane single stage w/ medium reducer and hardener ~ $120 (O'reilly Auto Parts, pre-mixed)

Oil/Water separator - $10
Grease/Wax remover - $5
Sand Paper - had most of it, but say $20
Scotch Brite pads - $2
2 Cans Etching Primer - $11
Body Filler - $6
Masking Tape - $4

Running Total: $256. Close, maybe I can return some sandpaper or somthin, lol. I overkilled alot on purchasing.

During Pics:

My Dad working out a spot on the fender

Me working out the spots on the holy freaking trashed bumper

Brad (nukefivesix) being ghey/sanding

Another Shot

Shots from last night are pretty boring due to limited space..ill update as we finish prep/body this morning and paint this afternoon. Thanks to Jman (jewsaw) for takin the pics and helpin out, as well as my dad and brad (nukefivesix). STAY TUNED! THIS OTTA BE GOOD (or a disaster)!
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do it up. I thought about that implement paint, but its a PAIN to get off and not very friendly to paint over. I plan on this just being a temporary job until the spring.

Some More During Pics:

The Paint Process (Yes, I painted in my yard. Flame on, *******...lol)

Finished Product. We finished the paint this afternoon, turned out pretty wet lookin. Waiting on the wet sand and buff later this week to get out the imperfections, PAINT DRIPPIN!

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major props ... looks so much better than anything i couldve done, especially with no paint booth and budget equipment!

makes me wanna do it - any runs or bad orange peel or anything?
I took the front bumper down to the plastic so it orange peeled really bad, so i layered like 7 coats on it and it will wet sand and buff out. Other than that, one small run on the pass. quarter, but nothing that won't come out. Overall I'm pretty effin impressed myself.
word of advice after wet sanding and buffing on single stage.....you wanna put some kind of sealer wax on it pretty soon after, otherwise itll start fading and stuff
Thanks for the heads up.
Me and my dad are in the process of building a shop now, so should have a little more suitable area to spray sometime in the next month or two. Bring em on :D
wow, that was really good. I opened the thread expecting the "cheap rattle can" job that actually looks decent but this looks really good. Especially for bein in a back yard. I would be afraid somethin would fall or fly into it. I bet a bumble bee would make a nice little mark in the wet paint. Props to you man
oh it definitely got its share of trash in the paint, but a good wet sand and buff was always on the agenda. I laid the paint thick enough to accommodate.
looks really good for the conditions it was painted in ....but pictures do lie a bit
yeah they do..but after the process is complete i think itll be just fine. The hood got the most trash in it, as you can see in the pics, and itll come out no prob.
Yep...we'll have a civic to show you all this weekend ;)

hope so.
Yeah I will be at the IA meet. Im calling in to work tomorrow to finish the wetsand/buff part of it. I hope to be driving it tomorrow night, im driving an 07 eclipse now and im less than satisfied. Maybe assembled/completed Pics tomorrow!
yeah after 14 hours of wetsand, buff, and hand wax, we finally finished it off last night. I will try to get pics today before it rains, but if not then you guys may just have to wait until IA
dude.. my back hurts
wonder what extracurricular activities you were in afterward..::jawdrop::
now you just need to post this in every 240 forum in america... god knows they need some direction lol
LOL. you speak the truth, but i think rattle-can primer factories would go under if it weren't for 240s. Economic Stimulus FTMFW!

on a side note

CAR IS DONE!! Come to I.A. and check it out! I'll post pics after the meet.
wanna paint my car when you get the shop finished?
thats looks pretty damn good for what it is
yes. Ill do a much better job in my shop. i learned ALOT
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