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Choice #1 Cost: $1,279.99:
2005-07 Tokico D-Spec Shocks & Struts
2005-07 Roush Extreme Lowering Spring Kit (1 1/4 Drop)
2005-07 Maximum Motorsports Panhard Rod
2005-07 BMR Front Sway Bar
2005-07 BMR Rear Sway Bar

Choice #2 Cost: $1799.95:

H&R Fully adjustable, 12 way coilovers with springs
Maximum Motorsports Front and rear Sways
Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Panhard Bar
Polyurethane bushings for both front and rear control arms

Choice #3 Cost $1,349.99

- Steeda Sport Springs
- Steeda Steel Strut Tower Brace
- Steeda Adjustable Front Sway Bar
- Steeda Rear Sway Bar w/ Endlinks
- Steeda Non-Adjustable Shocks
- Steeda Control Arm Relocation Kit

I need AT LEAST:

Panhard bar (To keep the rear diff centered with the lowered ride height)

But sways would be nice too...

Which one would you guys choose? I have about $2k to play with here...

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They all sound like good packages. I know Steeda and Roush make great parts for Mustangs, and Tokico is a great strut/shock.

However, I think H&R is the best out of said choices, they have so much R&D into all their parts, and make coilovers and such for a vast amount of cars, so that's what I would go with :thumbup:
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