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Civic eg cx 5 speed - LS Turbo mild build- needs work

Name: Josh
Location: Ashland City
Price: $2,500 Or make an offer
Email: [email protected]

Considering part out. Shell to be sold as whole including interior. All other parts for sell separately or as a package.

1993 Honda Civic Hatchback CX. 208k on body. Low end engine was just getting broke in. Head is 90k or so. Clean title in hand.
I purchased this car with the modifications done already. Although I've had to repair or change a lot of parts. Still does not run. Needs block bored and honed. And needs rings.
At the bottom is link to pictures and video. - Email me with questions, to come look at it, or buy it.

The GOOD-----------
B18B1 head is good.
Remanufactured distributor.
Intake is good. New gasket.
AEM fuel rail.
Custom downpipe. No cat.
Intercooler and piping is good.
2 turbos included. Ok shape.
Log manifold is fine.
DSM 450cc with resistor box are good.
P06 ECU chipped. Includes SST chip.
Forged internals are in good shape.
Oil pump good.
Water pump good.
YS1 transmission is good.
Nice aluminum radiator.
ARP headstuds.
Blitz BOV.
Good clutch. TN clutch and supply.
Skunk 2 springs/shocks.
16" wheels. Have chips in paint. Needs tires.
Integra rear disc brakes.
Integra seats.
Nice carpet.

The BAD--------
Needs block bored and honed.
Needs rings.
Needs tune.
New wastegate IMO. Has Deltagate 2. Creeps bad.
Needs headgasket.
Needs interior put together.
Needs tires.
Cheap paint job.
Has small dents and dings.
Broken headlight tabs.

I have few things for sale separate:
Innovate LC-1 wideband, New - $125
Moates Hulog, New - $
Moates Burn 2 chip burner, New - $

Lots of pictures here http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z171/schmiddr2/honda b18 stuff/?start=all
And Video here http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z171/schmiddr2/honda b18 stuff/

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do u know how long the motor has been turboed for ??

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man if i can sell my EF sedan I would love to pick this up as a project.
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