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Clarksville EM1/Silvia S13/EG coupe guy here

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Ive been on this forum for about a month now and love it. Nice seeing people on here I know personally. Anyways..here is my run down. I always get bored with my cars and ither swap them out for something different..or have multiple projects. lol.

* Name:Brent
* Location: Clarksville, TN

Project 1

* Year/Make/Model: 2000 Honda Civic SI

- Engine: Stock motor has intake/exhaust (Flowmaster, v2 AEM Intake)
- Interior: Stock, 4 7" screens (both visors, flip out, and flip down) 1 7" screen in custom trunk holding 12"s
- Exterior: Type R lipkit, 17 Black rims with Chrome lip. Sportline drop springs and KYB struts. McCulloch 6000K HID Kit

Project 2

USDM 1989 240sx Silvia S13

RB20DET w/ auto to Manuel Transmission conversion
S13 Speed sensor
R32 VLSD w/ axles
Flex-a-lite Dual electric puller fans
550cc injectors
RB25DET Turbo
Aftermarket turbo manifold
Blitz BOV
3" Down pipe
Aftermarket dump tube
Apex-I power intake with aluminum APEX-I intake tubing
HKS Aluminum radiator tubing with couplings
Nismo FPR
Nismo Thermostat
Nismo radiator cap
Nismo oil cap
Megan Racing 3" catback exhaust
Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
Z32 Tokico BMC
Z32 Fuel filter
Powder coated valve cover
Greddy timing belt
HKS cam gears
Cusco oil catch can
Custom 1-piece driveshaft

JDM Digital climate control w/blue LED's
JDM R33 Seats & seat belts
JDM Silvia S15 door sills
JDM Silvia S13 steering wheel
JDM R32 Skyline Tach
6x9 Acura Legend Speaker pods
6x9 Infinity Reference
Infinity 6.5" component system
Kenwood Excelon KDC-X789 Deck
Kenwood KCA-150 Ipod adapter with 60 GB Ipod
Kenwood 75x4 watt amp
HKS Fan speed controller
HKS Type-1 Turbo timer with HKS harness
Apex-I Neo FC
Blitz Dual-SBC Type S Boost controller
Megan Racing tinted:
Boost gauge
Oil temp
Oil pressure
Water temp
Air/fuel ratio

Suspension Techniques front and rear sway bars
Nismo coilovers
Nismo power brace
Nismo tension rods
Tein hard Tie-rods and ends
Nismo Strut bars
Nismo long wheel studs F & R
Attain 5 lug hubs front and rear
JDM R32/Z32 white front and rear calipers
Project Silvia SS conversion lines
Brembo slotted and cross-drilled front and rear rotors
OEM brake pads
H & R Trak+ 15mm wheel spacers F & R
Z32 OEM rims with 225/50/16 Yokohama
(also have Stern ST-2 18" deep dish with 3.75" lip in rear and 2.75" lip in front wrapped with Falken Azenis 245/40/18)

20mm front vented fenders from Raceon
50mm rear fenders from Raceon
JDM R32 GTS side skirts
JDM S14 aero spoiler
JDM GP Sports rear bumper
JDM S13 Silvia oval trunk lock
JDM S13 Silvia non-projector headlights with brackets
McCulloch 6000K HID Kit
JDM S13 Silvia Corner lights with Raybrig bulbs
JDM S13 half orange/half clear bumper signals
JDM S13 Silvia Aero bumper
JDM S13 Silvia metal hood
S13 Silvia half-clear/half-red tails
OEM Mercedes CLK side mirrors with factory LED turn signals

That sums up ALL the parts that I have. It's still a work in progress. ALL of these parts are what I already have and NOT what I plan to get. What do you think? I can't wait to finish her...

Project 3

1993 EG Honda Civic Coupe

Its up for sale.. 17" racing rims. w/ a spare tire to go with($350)

1993 Eg coupe - $1000 (spun Rod bearing //not bad yet//..still runs)
Ac works
Powersteering works
Body is straight..sanded and wet sanded ready for pain
Tinted windows
No rust or body damange.

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whats up man. are you friends with jeff. i think i have seen you over there a couple times. this is barry
Welcome to the site. Good to have you here. Nice car.
welcome to the site.. nice to see a fellow MR EM1 owner
Welcome, I have always liked EM1s

Enjoy the stay!
humm..barry..name sounds SOOO familiar..and yes..im very good friends with Jeff..thats my boy.. lol. What do you drive
I like you car alot! When ever you are tired of that message me haha! :D My boyfriend is a honda freak and soon it's time for me to buy him a new suprise =]
I just added my second project. The Silvia means alot to me...me and my best friend was building it and last yr in Oct..he commited sucide. So we parked it for almost a year..and i just decided to bring it back out and finish it in memory of him..
Silvia's are nice! The pic in my sig was at this shot and they were redoing the motor and my boyfriend stuck that turbo on it. It was so funny looking!
I noticed you had a silvia for a sig..i need to make one for me with my EM1 and S13.. I dont have time nor the program to make a really cool looking one..grrr.
Recent changes to the silvia is i took off the 3 guages off the dash and inserted them into the dash right above the glove box for a better look. I hated them sitting on the dash but thats where my boy Tony wanted them..yuck..but we moved them to where they are now..ill post pics of it soon. So tell me what you guys thing of my projects?!?!?
I dont have anything to make a nice sig either =[ . You still have that civic im assuming. I know someone who might be interested in that.
SilviaSprung said:
humm..barry..name sounds SOOO familiar..and yes..im very good friends with Jeff..thats my boy.. lol. What do you drive
i have a blue 93 s-10. i was the guy that was over at jeffs on the 4th of july with the big tattoo on my arm. of course i don't remember the first part of the night lol
Which civic? I got the purple one still... trying to sell it. here is the run down on the civic..

1993 Civic Dx coupe
133k miles on it
Automatic Tranny
Spun Rod bearing going out (still runs ..doesnt knock untill above 3k rpms)
Interior needs cleaning.
No cracks in windows
Tinted windows
Purple LED underglow (Sides only)

Yeh I remember you Barry lol. I called jeff and was like who the hell is barry lol. Then I remember....you and the mailbox! LMAO! dont worry..i ended up doing the same thing LOL

Lol the 240 wont ever be forsale Lol.

And the AE86 is already sold...someone on here already owns it lol. He is the guy that did the build thread on it. Im the one that has the title to it still lol. Well im in the process of looking for it for him.. but yeh..small world.
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