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Cleaning out the garage lot of honda stuff and some wrx

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Name : Joseph
Location : Nashville
Means of contact : pm or reply.

also i forgot i need a lot of this stuff gone it is taking up space so make offers on it and i would also trade some of this stuff for a carbon intake, tow hooks, tri-y header, or maybe some other stuff.

first thing for sale is my harness bar it is custom made and one of a kind it is painted electron blue 200 firm

b-series power steering pump 40obo

wrx oem down pipe and mid pipe with cats. 75obo

b-series plugs and plug wires 20obo

charcoal canisters 5 each

window washer bottles 10 each

b-series oem flywheel 50obo

2 clutches and pressure plates one clutch is new d-series, one is used b-series both pressure plates are used. 20 for the used clutch 50 for the new one. no pic of the new clutch but i can get one if you are interested.

universal o2 sensor 40obo

stock airbox was on ls in a 93 hatch. 40obo

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what all would u throw in with the block for 150?
Ransom said:
bump for a good guy.
thank you. :thumbup:
sold the valve cover and the trans bracket thanks guys.

people buy the rest of this stuff i need some tires :lol:
bump buy some stuff people make offers on this stuff.
wish i had a car to put that b18 in lol

ls is gone to jankenskank along with the fidanza flywheel

and the ls was in really good shape when we torn it down could have just put a head gasket and water pump and it would have been good.
Jankenshank said:
f u skank thanks for the bump ***
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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