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comeplete bullshit

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I am pissed off. the story is, I was looking to buy a crotch rocket and have been for a while.then all of a sudden my girlfriend brianna told me that if I did shed break up with me...WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT?!?!?!? I have been with her for almost 5 years and she says that crap. it severely pisses me off. she says that its too dangerous wtf. I told her I would have to stop eatin so I wouldn't choke, I said I'd have to stop drivin for having a wreck, and to stop swimming so I don't drown... I don't know what to to.....get a bike and have no girlfriend or have a girlfriend and no bike
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i coujld flame so bad but im keeping it in...... what kind of bike are u looking for and is it worth losing a 5 year relationship
make a choice - its simple

getting hurt/killed on a bike is much more common and likely (doesnt matter how good of a rider you are) than choking on a sandwich
well jason I would not get a crotch rocket if I were you. It is going to be kinda hard for you to get another woman and you are to fat to get a crotch rocket.

By the way my 240 would smoke a stock NEON srt-4 and my si would have raped it worse than the 240.
get the bike man, they are more fun, plus you can pick up all kind of new ass on the back of a bike...
the bike

its a 2006 suzuki gsxr600 its silver and red its clean as hell
bike is sounding perrrty nice
Ask her for your balls back. :mrgreen:
hes on that indiana jones *whip*
Unless you are one of them homosexuals dont get the bike. **** only get bikes.
post pics of the girlfriend or GTFO!
It all depends on how serious you too are. If she's the one for you, I would really think about the bike thing. At least you told her you were wanting to get a bike, that should count for something, she might come around-if not-think about what you are really doing.
advice dog says tell her to:

Iolite vaporizer
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I know I'm fat duck.im happy with it. plus all kinds of fat people ride bikes. and I never said that the srt4 would beat the 240 or the si. josh told me it was bad ass and I just asked if it was faster... and once again, I'm not fat, I just have a different life choice lol
Depe said:
post pics of the girlfriend or GTFO!
post em sir
Depe said:
Ask her for your balls back. :mrgreen:
x2 stop being a pussy
lol john
pics of girlfriend

I am on my phone ( palm treo 755p) and It can't post pics ill get on my computer later and post em up. It might be able to but I don't know how
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