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Comming from Antioch c/o New Orleans, LA.

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Hey Tennspeed, my name is Dustin Bruce hence DustinB16 lol, I'm new to Tennessee and Tennspeed. I'm looking forwards to meeting new speed freaks like myself!
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94 Civic EG w/ the poor mans GSR swap
I gots plenty of butter!!
just bought it off of EGFanatic, the white 94 civic, with the GSR mutt motor ^_^
I do have the hood, but I'm going to replace it. Then clear coat it real nice and give it back to him, since I'm sure it holds some sentimental value.
Thanks everyone......... Now I got to go watch my Saints whip up on the Vikings
the gumbo is @ my moms lol!!! And actually I came from the Westbank, Reppin' from Algiers to Westwego, and all points in between(which isn't many ^_^)!!!
I'll post some pics of the EG before i start the body teardown
1 - 8 of 41 Posts
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