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completely new to photography

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so here i am with this new equipment and i'm completely blind on how to use it.

i'm a complete newb to this so help would be awesome or some links to help. :D

what i got was a canon 300d and 4 lenses and 2 filters and a tripod...

right now the "auto" function is my friend on it lol
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browser this subsection of the forum to help find what your looking for
the manual is your new bible (if it came with one)
play with it and carry it with you (unless your prone to lose stuff easily)
take pictures!
also the auto focus does not work on the camera. i was told it could be fixed cheaply and easily. something about a spring for the AF mirror. i am clueless on this as well. i just got a good deal on the stuff and have also wanted to get into it but didn't have the money to buy new
woot woot my OLD stuff.. love my wheels even tho they rub.. :( good luck cant wait to see your pictures man...
^^ yeah they rubbed a bit on mine but i just trimmed my fender liners and it was all good except for turning all the way left..

oh and you were right i think my girl may steal the camera from me
lol yeah ill fix it... yeah i know she will mine did... just learn to photoshop and everything looks good lol
Read all the threads that Miracle made.


Read read and read some more. It is boring at first but once you get the hang of it it becomes fun. And post your pics to get critiqued. James and Zac are more than happy to help out.

Don't host pics through myspace it is terrible. Use flickr. Make a free account and when you do tell us so we can add you and view your stuff more frequently.

O yeah did I say read?
practice and get feedback. THats the best way to learn IMHO
I'm new in it as well, got the Canon Rebel XT... my first two days I shot almost 200 pics. Anything and everything I could find, playing with settings. It might also help to get a small note book and number your shots and write down the settings you had on that shot, that way you can see the difference in them when you put them on the PC.

Miracles tutorials help allot!!
awesome. i have been reading his tutorials today.. but i'm at work ftl. so i can't get out and play with it. as soon as the rain clears up i am going to get out and shoot... i cant wait
At night try no flash mode and see what the setting are like.
When you use Auto enough, you will start to know what shutter speed and aperature
to shoot the photo in.

Writing down notes is not needed as he can use the exif data attached to the photo

Although I am not that good at photography, I feel as though I am at least decent.
Mostly what has helped me is just take a lot of photos using different settings and
well asking a few questions. Even though some people are probably annoyed
some will help as much as they can. Some think you don't know anything
at all about the camera if you ask one question and explain the whole thing about
it which gets on my nerves.
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