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Computer Help: SATA + IDE

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so i have two HDs (C: and D:) that are both IDE ... capacities are 20GB and 160GB respectively ... needless to say i need more space, so i picked up a WD 500GB SATA drive

Mobo is a Foxconn 655A01-FX-6LRS .... accepts IDE and SATA ... however, when i installed the new 500GB HD it doesnt recognize it ... i installed the RAID/SATA drivers that came with the mobo on disk .... neither set of instructions (from the mobo or from the new hd) work, Win XP doesnt recognize the HD

i know its possible to do, but i have no idea what im doing wrong ... halp
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yeah, its plugged into SATA_1 .... i have 2
More than likely the SATA ports are turned off in the BIOS setup so that you don't get an "ERROR DRIVE # NOT FOUND" whenever you boot the computer. Once you turn on the SATA port it should recognize the drive and you can set it up in disk management.
yeah boot up to BIOS and see if BIOS recognizes the hdd

you did connect power to the SATA hdd right? :p
.... i think i forgot power, thats probably it >.<

also, i turned the SATA/RAID business on in the BIOS already - it just says neither slot has a recognized drive, but thats probably because its got no power ... ill check
yup, i r noob .... power wasnt connected properly ... recognized the hd on boot-up this time :D

now i just gotta set it up ... not sure if i want to copy my C:\ drive over to this and make the new drive my primary (since the C only holds 20GB and this one is 500GB) or if i just wanna leave it as the tertiary drive
just a FYI, use C:\ for windows and apps, let the other hdd's deal with videos, music, porn, etc. It's much easier on the OS
lol i was gonna say...it sounds like it should've worked fine :p

good call pm :)
i use C:\ for windows .... i have a Program Files folder in C, D, and G (the new one) ... i split them up, so as not to let C get full .... D also holds the Pictures and Music folders from My Documents, so idk what G is gonna hold now

btw - has anyone built a custom rig and done a good wire tuck? i have wires everywhere and need to figure out how to get them better organized, and its gonna need more than just some wire loom

probably a stupid question,
but have you formatted the hard drive?
it just finished formatting (used the Disk Mgmt utility built into windows, not any of my third party software) ...
it just finished formatting (used the Disk Mgmt utility built into windows, not any of my third party software) ...

if it was not formatted before it would not have been recognized by the system even with changing motherboard settings.

After formatting, test it out. edit: nvm, didn't read all the way and realize you had it working.
yea, you cant format a hard drive until its been recognized by the system ... just fyi
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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