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countrydave and boosted s14.5

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yes thats right, not only am i posting a thread about dave, but myself as well. we will no longer be known as countrydave or boosted s14.5, but rather countryqueer and jdmfag.

that is all.
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Hooray for access! [Thanks James] ;) Matt..... Does my name have an E? Fuck no, nig. You JDM BITCH! hahaha jkjkjk[kinda]kthxbai
boosted S14.5 said:
Well shit STACY. Not my fault you spell your name without the fucking E! Only cool people have an E in their name.....casEy, davE, mattheW, but nope, not Stacy with a Y.

Fail on the "mattheW" Also, not an "E." Wek sos. rawfuljaykaylahwlz
Nah. Jdm makes you incorrect, always.
I'm glad bashing on people is "epic" or else this thread would be nothing. haha
I think the epic part of it all was when it showed how much you really love JDM, clearly. haha
hahaha just maybe.
Yeah, I noticed that..... I just didn't want to be a complete asshole. hahaha I'm not really that mean. I'm all talk. haha ;)
Fuck that shit. haha You're a bitch.
You wish! I am no one's sex slave. hahaha
For real, Joe? And who would I be slaving for? haha
Yeah, right!! Who then? hahaha
IH8DSM said:
so cough cough ms eclipse rs.....wanna buy boost?
I've thought about it.
Not from me. hahaha
IH8DSM said:
StacyNHVL said:
IH8DSM said:
so cough cough ms eclipse rs.....wanna buy boost?
I've thought about it.
im selling my old kit if you be interested
Well, I couldn't right now... But I can think about it all I want. haha
ramman434 said:
Stacy, that's why I'm here. To keep these dumbass (Canadians included) in check
Oh, it doesn't bother me one bit. I think it's funny. hahaha
I always appreciate those. haha You know that, Joe. ;)
Not unless you wanna see a naked Canadian. hahaha
Oh, I've got some old stuff..... Matt [Leeroy] and Joe have seen all or most of these.....

I love them. hahaha :D
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Oh, I know how you like it Joe. hahaha
I made it turn the opposite direction with Steve Irwin stuff I made like 2 weeks after he died.... I even said I was going to hell for it. hahaha
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