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Couple of pics - Turbo Scion and Sand Dunes

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Just a couple of pics I played with. The Scion one I don't know its grainy I know but My contacts were messin with that night and of course my auto focus still doesn't work. Anyways here they are:

Turbo Scion Tc

This was taken in the parking garage in Murfreesboro. Lights are a terrible orange color. But hell I figure I would try something different. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. The front end is carbon fiber so it throws off the body a bit I think.

Sand Dunes in Hilton Head Island, SC (taken with a point n' shoot camera)

C&C always welcomed
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Played with your picture a little in photoshop....sorry....had to...couldn't resist it. I still added your rep back in though.
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no problem. check out some of mine.
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