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couture vs lesner?

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whats your picks for the fight
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yes sir i agree..im ready 4 9 so i can watch
i say lesnar but just bc its time for a new belt holder and randy will prob get paid more to lose.
Fuck who won......I was too busy gettinz drunkz to watch the fight
and that was meant as a question, seriously.....who won
brock won the end of the second round...TKO
9:00PM: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture: Couture and Lesnar dance for a round, lots of pressing, lots of pushing, a few takedowns.

9:06PM: Lesnar tags Couture with an elbow that hurt, then drops Couture with a right hand thudcrunch to the ear. Couture drops and takes a series of hammerfists, more than he would have if this weren't a main event, and the ref finally steps in when it's clear he's done.

Lesnar is the new heavyweight champ of the UFC.
lasnar is s fucking monster
i shoot him befor i fight him.
It was a great fight. I was for couture. Lesner is a beast, and a very exciting fighter though. Look forward to seeing more of Lesners fights. I wonder if Couture is gonna keep fighting? He might drop back down to light heavyweight.
Caught the end of the fight last night. Was damn good
yea bad ass fights cant wait for dec 27!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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