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Dear friend passed away...

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Some of you may have known him...but a dear friend of mine from high school and his girlfriend were involved in a serious accident this past night. I'll start with what my friend posted on the other site:

50stangpi said:
I got a wake up call this morning from one of my best friends mom saying that he was in an accident last night and had wrapped his car around a tree. I was told he did not make it and his girlfriend is still alive but in the hospital about to lose her legs. I pray for both of their family's and hope you could do the same as well.

R.I.P. Zachary
At this point...I don't even know what to say. I'm still tear'ed up from getting off the phone Bo. I can't believe it would happen to Zak. While I haven't hung out with him since that night at 9th...which was in the summer...he was such a great friend. He always had a passionate love for cars. In high school...he was always a friend who I could turn to and have support for almost anything. I remember hanging out and just talking cars...even though all he ever had was a Bronco...until he got the Mustang more recently. I could go on and on on the times we had...prom...off-roading...etc...but I don't want to act like I knew him even half has well as I should have. So, I'll leave it there.

I may try to start a memory cruise for him this winter. I'll keep you guys updated.
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thats terrible...
bad things happen to good people.
hopefully his gf pulls through the best she can.
sorry to hear it.
Their families are in my prayers
it was a guy on the forum? RIP.. was he in middle Tn or NC? keep your head up. god needed him more than we did.
it was a guy on the forum? RIP.. was he in middle Tn or NC? keep your head up. god needed him more than we did.
No, he wasn't on the forum. He did have an avid love of cars though. He was going to NADC to work as a mechanic. He lived here in Brentwood and went to high school with me.
my condolences to you and his and her families god be with them and keep your head up bro it sucks to loose an enthusiast and a friend....... godspeed bro
Man I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. I'll keep em in my prayers.
Their families will be in my prayers too. Sorry to here that. Keep your head up bro and you know that we are here for you.
I am sorry to hear this, I will keep their families in my thoughts and prayers.
Hey man, I'm really sorry to hear of this. Try to keep strong, and I'll keep he, his girlfriend, his family, and you in my prayers.
may seems stupid to others but i heard this poem about 2 weeks after one of my friends died and it made me think about things.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfRNOKCezLY&feature=related
See it through, my friend, see it through. Stay strong. These two families are in my prayers.
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