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ramman434 said:
Point of this thread is? and someone's going to kill themself on that bike...
#1 i would certainly hope whoever buys this bike knows what they're getting into=not like my ad doesn't describe the bike as being for pro's only-anyone that see's that ad will know (says PRO MOD bigger n shit!-duh) it's for a professional or experienced rider/enthusiast.

should i have put 'parental guidance suggested'
or... buy at your own risk?

Point of this thread was:
StatixNWH said:
2 things.

1. Nice vette

2. Awesome idea on the referals!!

Check it out guys
i guess statix appreciated the referal to tennspeed in an ad with a slick ass ride- i might not be a favorite to some of y'all, but shit, i do try to represent like a 'pro' and not some smartass wanster in my ads.

i got toys and hobbies=(old and stingy-i'm not rich!!) lots of 'em, and so do my friends. when something goes on the block to make room for the next toy- nothing wrong with slippin a mention in for the HOUSE if it's a cool item for sale .... is there?

whats really eating with you about this thread-son? :mrgreen:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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