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Del Sol body kit and 18" wheels(4x100)

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Item and description: rice and big wheels
Price:Trade or trade for cash
Contact information:pm

First don't bash me.I brought the car with the parts on it.I am putting the car back to stock.I HATE FIBERGLASS PARTS

I have a body kit for 1993-1995 honda del sol.Need to be painted and fiberglass work. I believe it is a buddy style kit(fiberglass). The front bumper is in three piece. One of the side skirt has a small crack. The kid i got it from tried to do his own bodywork(very bad job)so the rear bumper has a sheet of fiberglass on it(See photo) I also have z3 fender that need painted and fiberglass work.Both have cracks in them.I will sell complete or part them out. obo

I have a set of 18" wheels and tires.I don't know the brand or type of wheel(if anyone know please tell me Thanks). Two of the wheels are in good shape.One of the other wheel has little rust. The last wheel has a bent lip can be fix for around $60 bucks at a rim shop. The wheel still hold air fine The tires are Nexen N3000 size 215/35r18.Three of tires are good and one tire has a hole in the back. New tire cost around $100. $300

This is the one with the flat tire and the little rust Front driver side

showing the rust on the spokes

rear driver side

rear passenger

front passenger

showing the bent rim still hold air

Pioneer Avh-5700dvd flip out tv comes with the box,wiring harness, paperwork, and remote. It works Great just had Pioneer replace the motor and the gearing in the screen part here is a wedsite for the spec.
$350 obo
I may throw in a dash and wiring kit for your car with the screen purchase. Just pm me your year and car model and i will tell you if i will throw in or not

Here is a list of item i will trade for
1.Stock honda wheels No steelies
2.Wheel for my 2000 TL(5x114.3) 17 or higher
3.Good running d16z6/sohc zc vtec motor
5.Zex window switch
6.Type S tail light for my TL
7.Front/rear stock bumper for Del sol
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Price change on the wheels anyone???
add a pioneer flip out screen
wheels 4 lug universal??
wheels 4 lug universal??
No They are just 4x100.
buy his shit... if not he'll end up sucking dick for coke like bob saggat
those look like Rota Subzeros...
Ok Thanks is there a way to double check and make sure they are before i advertise them as the rota subzeroes
buy his shit... if not he'll end up sucking dick for coke like bob saggat
I dont want to take your job from you....I know the economy is bad and people cant afford for you sucking service lol
hmm not sure...i would guess just look inside the wheel..they look exactly like mine, and i have subzeros so i was just going by that
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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