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DG Trials Gymkhana Sept 28, Greenville, NC

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DGTrials announces the first 2008 gymkhana event presented by JK Motorsports!

Sunday, September 28, 2008 - USL Auto Auction
4330 Dickinson Ave, Greenville, NC 27834
Driver's meeting - 9:00am

Pre-reg Price: $40
Gate-reg Price: $45
Driver cap: 50
6-8 run guarantee

$1 "fun runs" if time allows.

Sorry folks, drivers only for this event.

This event will feature open classing. What does this mean? Run what you brung in one of three classes:

FF: front-engine, front-drive
FR: front-engine, rear-drive
AWD: four-wheel or all-wheel drive

Mid-engine or Rear-engine vehicles (a'la Porsche, MR-2, etc) will be classified with FR vehicles for this event.

Points & Scoring:
Winners will be determined by FTD within the class.

Knock a cone out of the box/over = +2 sec
Off course = no score

This will be an autocross-style event. If you are not driving you will be asked to shag cones. Fortunately, the entire course is only comprised of 15 cones!
15 cones?!

Yes. Check it out:

(click map for other options)

Motel 6 Greenville #2002
301 Southeast Greenville Boulevard
(US 264, 40 miles east of I-95)
Greenville, NC, 27858
(252) 756-2792

More information & registration:
For more information, please check the events page:

Don't forget, sells all the gear that you need to get ready!
See you out there!!!
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im in for sure!!!
i guess i will be there since i will have to work that event...lolz
are u going to be driving?? u killed it at the nashville event...
For interested participants - please try to pre-register no later than September 10th. We would like to have at least half the drivers pre-registered in order to go ahead with the event. Thanks!
im gonna try.. but with money and tires i may not be able to.. but im trying
This looks good to bad the Protege won't slide and the celica is to slow,
its gymkhana... u dont have to slide.
Sliding is definitely not required, and slow is only relative. One of the faster cars at the first event was a Scion xB with only TEIN springs! This course is definitely all about driving and less about the car.
lol i remember seeing the scion at the nashville event.. yall had 3 people in the back seat and one in the passenger seat.. lol
Miracle said:
Gymkana? Shorter, tighter autocross?
Tighter yes definitely. Shorter, well, that depends on if you consider 50 seconds a short course or not. :)
Event is this weekend!
We still have spots remaining so come out and have fun!
it was so tempting.. but im out of tires.. and im starting to stock up on some new kumho's so come to nashville and i will be there for sure.. or even do a VIR event or something...
You are not likely to be spinning tires that much on this course... especially not if you want a fast time!

to be honest i wouldnt care about my time.. i would just run it like a very technical drift event... but i literally have no tires.. i expected my tires to hold up at the nashville event a little more.. but since they were used... they just chunked and flew apart.
your tires blew chunks... fail :p

Sorry to hear. Hopefully we'll throw another Gymkhana in Nashville.
yea like this..

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i wish i could be there.. but im drifting on a 17yr old budget.. which is like none.. lol but next event in nashville i'll be there.. do yall have any more events in the making.. im ready to do some road course drifting...
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