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Dirty D Parts

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I have some Dirty D things up for sale all prices DO NOT include shipping.

First I have a complete d16z6 intake manifold has everything on it but injectors (sensors, t/b fuel rail, etc) 30 bucks

Next we have some lovely d16z6 injectors which I will let soak in sea foam if you want after purchase (cleans em great) 15 bucks

Next is a starter out of a 1995 civic ex that was automatic 25 bucks

Now here we have a d16z6 dizzy completely intact 35 bucks

Here is a d16z6 alternator 15 bucks

Next is the lovely d16z6 head that needs to be rebuilt (2 burnt valves) 20 bucks

The oil pan off this block can be had for 15 bucks.

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Is that hole for weight reduction? lol
Deano_d said:
jeswaw said:
Is that hole for weight reduction? lol
Yes haha, I drove like this also gotta love Hondas, the sound was horrific though.....
lol. My brother had an old dodge with an slant six in it, he threw a rod an dpiston through the block and left a hole you could stick your fist through. He drove his 50 miles homes no problems minus the loss of oil haha
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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