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Ok I have found this to be the closest to reproducing the Black Pearl.

What you will need:

Adhesion Promoter (duplicolor)
Metalcast - Smoke (duplicolor)
3m molding tape
Dental floss (anytype will work)
Painters tape
Razor blade
Cardboard box (or newspaper)

Step 1

Mask off the areas around the emblems with the painters tape so you will know where to put the emblems back on and this helps to keep them straight.

Step 2

Take the dental floss and ''saw'' through the adhesive on the back of the emblems. Take your time as to not accidentally break them.

Step 3

Use the Goo-Gone to remove any adhesive on the car. Be sure to wash your car after you put the emblems back on to remove any excess Goo-Gone so it does not damage the paint.

Step 4

Use the razor blade to remove the adhesive on the back of the emblems

Step 5

Lay your emblems on a cardboard box or newspaper. Spray 2 thin coats of adhesion promoter. Give it 10 minutes to settle before spraying the next coat. Let it settle for another 10 minutes and spray an even coat of metalcast. You will need at least 5 coats to get the right effect. If you want lighter emblems then spray less coats, but 5 coats will give you the same darkness as the black pearl emblems.

Step 6

Now after it has dried (at least 3 hours), cut thin strips molding tape. Tape the entire back of each emblem. Don't try to use the old adhesives.

Step 7

Put the emblems back on the car and admire your job.

*Cost spent: $20
*Amount saved from buying BP Emblems: $150

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you can also heat the emblems up with a hair dryer right before you "saw" them off with dental floss or fishing line ... that helps to get the adhesive easier to remove

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Glossier? I don't know about that. I've sprayed flossin ass stuff before with the metalcast. Use it quite often and never had any problems with fading, cracking, etc. Its all in the prep job and how well you take care of it.

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i don't get it

people want carbon fiber to make their car lighter
so a close substitute is to get carbon fiber stickers
which technically adds weight

no that wasn't a haiku, i see where the confusion lies tho
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