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Don't forget the Garage!

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Hey guys,

I'd love to see you all post your rides here in the showcase section, but in addition, check out the Garage function at the top of the page! Add your ride and some pics, mods, etc. I'd like to fill it up so we have something to show off when guests come and check us out ;)

Thanks alot,
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I added my car to the garage, but it's not showing up for some reason. It shows up under my name when I post (as you can see), but not when you browse the garage. I even tried searching for my name in the garage, and it came back with no results. But on the other hand, it displays my name as having some of the latest modifications. How do I get it to show up? :(
Just had to approve the model, thats all :thumbup:
Ok, thanks. It works now. :)
Deleted again

It keepd deleting my 62????????
well i don't see the '95 ford contour on it???
If you don't see a make and model, you can submit it on application I believe. I'll go ahead and add Contour in right now.
did you add it alright?
read the date on a thread before you post in it....
read the date on a thread before you post in it....
nah im good dude :thumbup:
Poor scftw...you'll be remembered man.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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