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Dornon's S2000 Build

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Well since everyone else is doing it, I thought I would follow suit.

Right now the car is going through some cosmetic changes but after that the build is going to slow down. I have some big plans but they are going to take time and money.

For the first post I will get you up to speed with what I have done so far.

Just getting her home mods:
Megan Racing Track Series Coilovers
Custom minor flared rear quarters

First mods:
"Mulderized" turn signals inside the headlights
Ebay replica OEM lip

Ran across a deal on a set of three 17x9+43 wheels super cheap. So I scooped them up and ordered a pair of concave 17x10+35's for the rear. Then painted all to match since I wanted black and the original version is sorta hard to find in specific sizes.
5Zigen FN01RC Original version F:17x9+43 (245/40) R:17x10+35 (275/40) (265/40 in these photos)

Then I drove to Wilkesboro, NC to shoot a '72 Charger Super Bee for a feature and picked up my Mugen Replica Hard top, BackYard Special Carbon Fiber wing and traded out front bumpers (new one with Honda lip) from a friend for dirt cheap.



And last I did a photo job for a stereo shop and was given a RF Component Speaker set. So I went ahead and ordered a Sony bluetooth headunit and modifry DCI to work with the dash controls (redundant I know).

And that pretty much brings us up to now. On the way to the fall IA meet, actually on the way home from hangin out at La Quinta on saturday night before IA, I hit something doing about 65mph on the new bypass around Shelbyville. So I pull over to see what exactly it was that hit my car and found this cat chillin in my bumper. Its eyes were wide open looking around in a very robotic-like way. I decide to get something out of my trunk to scoop the remains out and as soon as I touch the cat it bolts off into a field beside the road. Scared the crap out of me as I thought it was surely dead. Well I am sure it died later on in that field :(

Pic of the damage along with some cracks in the lip

So right now I am working on some cosmetic/aero parts getting everything here and ready to respray the entire car. Oh and need to install the Lithium Pro's Batter that I won in their Facebook Contest!

AP2 bumper
APR Carbon Fiber Lip (will be painted)
Downforce Carbon Fiber Side Splitters
Polished Headlights

To do:
Custom Carbon Fiber Front splitter
Widening the metal front fenders
Need to decide whether my current rear flares are enough or to add overfenders
J's Racing Carbon Rear Diffuser (this may come a little later down the road once I can find one used.)

Here are a few parts photos

I guess that's it for now. Check back later for body work and paint and the engine build.

Oh and here is what I got for Christmas and my birthday
Kiley Grace Dornon (born 12/8/11)

photo credit goes to my wife's cousin in Columbia if anyone needs baby photos I can get you in touch she is very very affordable.
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JDM clear diffusers > Mulderized. Diggin the car.
Nice wanna see some videos of it in action.
1 - 2 of 159 Posts
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