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Early Model Mustang Recognition

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After a few people mentioned that they had a hard time telling old school Mustangs apart... I thought I'd throw together a little something to help everybody recognize what year Classic (64 1/2-73) Mustang they see at shows, cruises etc. Hope this is good enough for you guys... I'll work on a later and Shelby model guide too... when I get the chance.

This just applies to FACTORY FORD MUSTANGS... not Shelbys... Here ya go:

1. Major differences in the "first Generation", 1964.5 until 1967.

Only really small subtle body changes can give away what year the comes from... such as front bumpers, taillights, and body style. 1964's, and 1965's and 1966's are, GENERALLY, identical. Except for a few small things, like the "C-Scoop" trim was available as a different piece on each year, there really isn't MUCH way to tell them apart. In 1964, a coupe and convertible model was available, with a Fastback model appearing in 1965

1964.5 Model (The first ever) Pictured Below:

1965 Pictured Below:

1966 Pictured Below:

Here's the quickest way to tell a 65 and 66 Mustang apart:

65 had a honeycomb grille, the grille pony had chrome extensions across face of grille, side scoop accent was vertical and chrome (not installed on Fastback), Falcon style guage cluster (except Deluxe Interior aka Pony package had 5 guage cluster)

66 had a solid bar style grille with "floating" pony in corral, side scoop accent had 3 horizontal bars (not installed on fastback), and a 5 gauge cluster for all models.

Starting in 1967, the first REAL body makeover, however, the taillights were changed from the "EXTERNAL" facing lights:

To the "INTERNAL" facing lights:

As well as the front end receiving a slight makeover, making the leading edge of the hood stick out farther, raking out the gills in front of the headlights, and a new "C-Scoop" trim.

The Mustang pretty much stayed like the previous year for 1968, with, again, just a few subtle changes such as a new C-Scoop trim, new wheel models, and the most DEAD give away, the parking light/sidemarker location. In 1968, thee government enacted new legislation requiring manufacturers to add an amber colored light on the SIDES of cars, and for the Mustang, in 1968, it is located right below the front bumper, on the front fender... See this 1967?

Compared to the 1968, that DOES have the light below the bumper:

There you have it... the easier of the things to look for in differences in the EARLY, EARLY model Mustang classics.

Feel free to add something in, if it is for sure some difference in the models.
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