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Engine burning oil, lots

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So I bought a 240sx last november with an sr20det already in it...a piston ended up blowing up becuase of a clogged ass fuel filter. So I rebuilt the motor With CP pistons bored .20 over and got the block bored and decked to specs. I put in Tomei poncam type-r 256 int and exh cams. Brian Crower Valve springs and retainers.Nismo Low temp Thermostat. New oil pump and water pump. New timing chain. New lifters. Cosworth Metal Headgasket.
So I assume that the stock turbo is burning oil, and me being trigger happy I go buy a Garret gt287153r without really checking to much, but there is no sings of blowby anywhere except out of the tailpipe. Turbo goes on car, engine still smokes, just as bad.
Any ideas? Something in the head? exhaust valve? Im stuck
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blown turbo? bad rings?
check the compression
rings or worn journal bearings ftw.

did you gap the rings to spec when you installed them?
did you even check ring gap before installing them?
does the turbo's shaft feel loose?

if you answered yes to any of these questions. you have a fuckd up motor.

if i had to pick whats wrong, i think your rings overexpanded and cracked due to excessive heat/ detonation?

if you have ever stayed in boost too long... this can happen without the correct ring gap.
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the rings were gapped to the furthest extent possible according to the sr20det manual from nissan.
odd part is. there is no notice in power loss, whatsoever, and no the turbo isnt blown and there isnt any play. its a Brand new turbo directly from garrett
well if your compression is good then theres your valves thats left....they prebbly arnt seating correctly....
Oil feed line restricted?
Compression Numbers?
What are your ring gaps? You should set ring gaps per what CP piston recommends so maybe you should check what those are supposed to be.
everything was done professionally.
thats what im thinking...cant the head of the motor be pulled off without the whole motor being pulled? i was told you couldnt?
um i dont know hardly anything bout srs but if you can get the timing chain off with out pulling the motor then yes you can
take the head off without pulling the motor.
Cpt240sxInsano said:
everything was done professionally.
theres the problem. diy or bust.
Cpt240sxInsano said:
thats what im thinking...cant the head of the motor be pulled off without the whole motor being pulled? i was told you couldnt?

my boy dave pull his head off with out pulling his motor
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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